Fine Art and Design by Deanna Welters inspired by the natural and urban world


Working primarily on silk, Deanna uses a variety of techniques in creating her fabric. These include wax resist, water colour techniques, screen printing or painting with thickened dyes and a Japanese method of tie dye called Shibori.

Deanna receives inspiration from the natural and urban world. Seeing intriguing images and assembling these artfully is what she enjoys. This can translate into abstract design, representational imagery or a combination of both. Colour is a key element of her work and this aspect is what she enjoys most. The endless variety of colour combinations that randomly happens when dyes merge during the Shibori process or the more deliberate placement of colour, through screening or use of wax resist are both equally intriguing.


Feel free to contact Deanna if you have any questions or just to say hello!


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